Lumis 3D 2021.1


Slides are full-screen captures created during the exploration of a product line review. They save:

  • The product line review mode (number of panels).

  • The contents of each panel.

  • The configuration used in each panel.

  • The current position and view type.

  • Any images selected for display in the complementary panel when a reference view is active.

Click on the Slides tab at the top of the page to view the slides saved in this product line review.

Click on a slide to view the item action buttons that appear at the right in the top bar. These buttons allow you to:

  • image79.png Sort slides alphabetically.

  • image24.png Hide the slide. This prevents the slide from being shown when the product line review is viewed by changing the visibility state:

    • A image24.png visible slide will be available in the product line review.

    • An image83.png invisible slide will be excluded from the product line review.

  • image82.png Review the slide settings.

  •  image15.png Delete slides you have created.

You can also select multiple slides to modify their state at the same time. Hold down the Shift or the Control key and select the desired slides.