Lumis 3D 2021.1

User List

All users are listed by their names in the User column.

At the top of the column, the number of user accounts attributed and the total number of available accounts are listed as a ratio. As long as the number of available accounts is greater than the number of attributed accounts, you can:

  • image116.png Create a user. You will need to provide the following information:

    • Full name: the user's name.

    • Email: the user's email address, which the user will use to log in and to which notifications such as password reset emails will be sent.

    • Password: the user's login password. The user can change this at any time.

  • Search a user or a group of users from the LDAP server.


    LDAP license required.

  • image117.png Invite a user. You will need to provide the Email address of the person you would like to invite. An email will be sent to this address. Your account's user name will appear as part of the invite message.

  • image118.png Synchronize users from the LDAP server with Lumis 3D users and vice versa.


    LDAP license required