Lumis 3D 2021.1

Attributing User Functions

When a user is created, no functions are attributed by default.

A user with no attributed functions has access to:

  • Their profile

  • The Lumis 3D documentation

  • Any spaces that are public to all Lumis 3D users on this platform


To modify what a user can do in a given space, an administrator of that space must modify the space's sharing settings. The domain administrator cannot limit user permissions in spaces from the Domain Administration module.

Use the checkboxes in the Users table to attribute functions to users.


How to: Modify the functions a user has access to


You must have access to the Domain Administration module to modify user functions.

To access the domain administration page, click on your domain name at the upper right corner of the screen.

To attribute a function to a user, find the user's row in the Users table. Tick the checkbox in the function's column.

To remove a user's access to a function, untick the checkbox for that function.

The numbers at the top of the column indicate how many user module licenses are attributed for a given function, and how many total user module licenses you hold for that function.

Functions may be attributed to users in any configuration, as long as you have enough user module licenses for the function.