Lumis 3D 2021.1

Types of Publishing Packages


Creation Speed


Intended use



Not available

Viewing within Lumis 3D or with a Lumis 3D public link. Access to Lumis 3D's network or to the internet, depending on your Lumis 3D setup, is required.




Worry-free mobile viewing on an independent platform, such as a laptop computer, an iPad, or another device that might not have access Lumis 3D.

Use in HTML configurators independent from Lumis 3D.

When Offline is selected, the Publish window displays information that can help you reduce the size of the package and the time required to create it.

The larger the number of views, presets, and configurations, the more images will need to be generated. Estimates of the number of images to be generated, the final package size, and the generation time are also provided. Reduce the number of views, presets and configurations by hiding unnecessary ones in order to reduce the size and the generation time of the publishing package.


Because offline packages contain images of all possible views and configurations, it is strongly suggested to hide unnecessary configurations options and views in order to reduce the time required to generate the package.