Operations on Surfaces

Operations concerning surfaces can be found in the Shaper Surface menu or in the Shaper Geometry sidebar tab:

Icon Operation Description
Duplicate Makes a copy of the selected surfaces in the active layer. The original surfaces are unselected and the duplicate surfaces are selected instead.
Move Moves all the selected surfaces into the active layer.
Properties Opens the Surface Properties (Shaper Editor).
Delete Deletes the selected surfaces.

Certain operations are available only from the Surface menu:

Icon Operation Description
Duplicate with Symmetry

Duplicates a surface using a symmetry function. The duplicated surface is fully independent of the original, unlike the surface symmetry property, which can be activated in the Surface Properties.


Copy Copies the selected surfaces to the clipboard.
Cut Cuts the selected surfaces to the clipboard.
Paste Pastes the contents of the clipboard in the active layer.

Figure 82 : YZ symmetrical duplication.