Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Color Palettes

Color palettes group together colors and can save them as an external resource. A saved palette can be loaded later in another database.

Clicking on a color in the palette will load it in the color picker for use.

The buttons below the list of colors in the open palette allow you to manage the palette:




This button allows a new color to be added to the palette. The new color will appear in the Color Palette list.


The color appears in the color palette. Each newly-created color is named by default: Color 1. You can rename each color in the text zone situated below the color palette.


This button allows you to update the selected color in the color palette with the hue you have set in the color picker to the left.


This button deletes the selected color from the list of colors in your palette.

  • Color palettes are saved in the KPL format using the button Save to file.

  • Files in the KPL format can be loaded by clicking on Load from file or directly by drag-and-drop from the Windows explorer onto the Color Palette tab.

Loading a KPL file in the Color Palette by drag-and-drop replaces the colors that are currently listed with those from the KPL file. To add the list of colors in a KPL file to the list of colors already present in the tab, hold down the Shift key during the drag-and-drop.