Patchwork Explorer Community 2022 X5


The software Patchwork Explorer offers an interactive presentation of 3D Digital Aspect Mockups created with the Patchwork 3D authoring software, as well as the exploration of product configurations. This program is designed to be simple and requires no knowledge of 3D rendering.


Patchwork Explorer is available in several editions Enterprise, Premium and Community tailored to your needs.

Please refer to the Software Suite documentation section of for comparing the different editions of Patchwork Explorer.

Thanks to Patchwork Explorer you can:

  • View your products in 3D.

    Patchwork Explorer provides a 3D visualization space called a “Viewport” that allows you to interactively inspect a product’s design. Tools such as the real-time sun contribute to the creation of an ultra-realistic appearance.

  • Compare different 3D products or different configurations of a single product.

    Several viewport configurations are available for viewing products side by side. This approach allows several elements in a range of products to be compared at the same time. The ability to link viewports is included to facilitate comparisons in 3D.