Pilot configuration tab


New Features in Accel VR 2020.2

Depending on your needs you can select or deselect the features below to improve the rendering performance in the View of Accel VR Pilot:

  • Grid

  • Referential

  • Mirrors Displays the reflections of other geometries in the scene in planar mirrors. As this option can greatly increase the number of elements to be rendered in a scene, you can disable it to increase rendering fluidity.

  • Post-processes

  • Background

  • Overlay[2]

  • You can also choose to automatically update the local environment during configuration changes by checking the Rebuild local environment option. This ensures a visual coherence of the reflections of geometries, color, and lights in the scene.


    Enabling this option can cause rendering slowdowns when making configuration changes.

  • Modify the representation of the model to be displayed in the View (Material, Color, Lightmaps, Wireframe)

As needed you can also choose to overwrite your background by a one color background or by a gradient background. Just click on Overwrite background checkbox to make your choice.

[2] An overlay is an image (often a logo) that is applied in two dimensions in front of objects in the 3D world. It does not move when you navigate in the 3D world; it remains stationary relative to the screen.