Patchwork Explorer Community 2022 X5

Product Manager

Access: Editors menu > Product Manager

The Product Manager is the basic construction tool for creating layouts. Using it, you can set up products, establish their configuration, and determine their position in the active viewport.

Master Properties Tab

The Master Properties tab contains the parameters regarding the product display options. 



Use background

Display the background of the current camera sensor. If you are viewing a multi-product scene, this applies to the "Master" camera sensor only.

Use Overlay

Display the overlay of the current camera sensor. If you are viewing a multi-product scene, this applies to the "Master" camera sensor only.

Use Post-Processing

Display the post-processing blend of the current camera sensor. If you are viewing a multi-product scene, this applies to the "Master" camera sensor only.

Show Global Environment

Use the global lighting environment of the current product. If you are viewing a multi-product scene, the "Master" global environment will be used for all products.

Show Surface using Environment Material

This option is used to show or hide surfaces using the environment material in the "Master" product, such as a skydome. These surfaces are visible by default but can be hidden by unchecking this option.

Cameras Tab

If favorite cameras were defined in your product, you will find them in the Cameras tab.

The cameras are shown in the Camera box. Click on the name of a camera to call it up in the viewport. This will also apply the background, post-processing effects, and overlay, if any are associated with the camera's sensor. Prevent the background, post-processing effects or overlay from being displayed in the Master Properties tab.

The name of the current camera is displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the viewport. Right-click on the name of the camera to open a context menu listing the cameras of the "Master" product. Select a new camera from this list to change the current camera.


The four favorite cameras are also available in the Product menu.

Configuration Tab

Patchwork Explorer takes advantage of product configuration if it is present in the imported KDR file. The software thus offers the ability to easily explore all of the possible product combinations.

Configuration settings are displayed when the active product has configurable elements. To change the product configuration, modify these settings using the checkboxes and the drop-down lists.

Display of multiple product configurations is also possible for configurable products. See Loading Multiple Products Simultaneously. You can thus compose your scene with several variations of the same product or compare these product variations in separate viewports.

Animation Tab

If animations have been defined for your product, the Animation tab will be present.

Manage the playback of the animation with the following tools:




From the drop-down list, select the preset animation timeline you want to play.

Timeline Scrollbar

Positions the rectangular cursor at any point on the bar to display the corresponding animation state. For increased precision, you can also provide the time in seconds in the field to the right of the slider.


Places the cursor at the beginning of the animation.


Initiates the animation playback from the cursor’s current position or pauses the playback if the animation is currently playing.


Places the cursor at the end of the animation.


Activates or deactivates looped playback.