Patchwork Explorer Enterprise 2022 X5

Combining Products


This feature requires the "Layout" license option.

Patchwork Explorer provides the option of staging several products to compare them in the same view. In this way, you can assess the differences between each product when they are placed in the same environment.

You are free to add as many products as you want in the same view, only the technical characteristics of your graphics card can limit the number of products open in a view.


Adding models to a view is not limited to products contained in a database, you can enrich your scene by including products from different databases (see "Multi-KDR" chapter for more details).

Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging and dropping the AeroSeat Cream product thumbnail in the view where the AeroSeat Peach product is located. The two products are then displayed in the same view.

Adding the AeroSeat Cream product to the AeroSeat Peach product using Ctrl + Drag and Drop.

Adding the AeroSeat Cream product to the AeroSeat Peach product by using the Ctrl key + Drag and Drop.

Result of the operation.

Result of the operation.