Patchwork Explorer Enterprise 2022 X5


Opening several KDR files is possible thanks to the “multi-KDR” mode in Patchwork Explorer.

With the “multi-KDR” mode, you can add products from other databases to the list of products available in the Viewport Manager.

When the "multi-KDR" mode is deactivated, the list of products available in the View Manager is limited to the products in your KDR file. Once the "multi-KDR" mode is activated, you can add products from other databases to this list.

This gives you the possibility to stage together or compare side by side products found in different KDR files.

To add products from a different database, return to the File menu to open a new database. Products in this new database will be added to the list of products available in the Viewport Manager.

The viewport manager shows the products of all opened databases.

The toolbar shows the products of all open databases.


This feature requires the "Layout" license option.

In a view 3X1 open the product AeroSeat Blue, then the product BAG, finally create a combination of products using the operation Ctrl + Drag & Drop.


View 3 × 1. The last view integrates products from different databases.

You have the possibility to arrange the products as you wish by intervening on the translation and rotation parameters of each product.

In the menu Editors click on the entry Product management. Select a product to position in the list of products in the active view. Then enter the new transformation values. These transformations can also be edited directly by manipulating the translate and rotate gizmos.

These can be activated respectively by means of the buttons. image4.png and image5.png of the Transformations box.

Opening the Product Manager Editor from the Editor menu.

Opening the editor Product management from the menu Editors.

Transformation box of the Product Manager.

Box Transformation from the editor of Product management.

Operation result.

Result of the operation.