Software Suite 2021.1

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Patchwork Batcher

Batch processing software for various tasks in Patchwork 3D including:

  • lightmap rendering

  • Wire file import

  • Catia v5 file import

  • tessellation

Must be purchased separately

Patchwork Lightmap Render

Distributed calculation software for rendering lightmaps.

Provided upon request

Raytracing Cluster Unit

Rendering distributed computing software for raytracing.

Provided upon request

Iray server

Distributed rendering tool with Iray

Not distributed (sold by Nvidia)


Patchwork Material Build

Creates materials used in Patchwork 3D.

Must be purchased separately

Patchwork Batcher

Software for scheduling and grouping ("batching") various tasks in Patchwork 3D.

Patchwork Batcher is most often used for scheduling and batching lightmap calculation for times when the computer running Patchwork 3D is not in use, such as overnight. It is compatible with distributed lightmap rendering when used in conjunction with Patchwork Lightmap Render (see below).

Patchwork Lightmap Render

Software allowing use of a networked computer for distributed lightmap rendering from Patchwork 3D or Patchwork Batcher. It is available upon request addressed to Lumiscaphe.

Distributed lightmap rendering, that is, the ability to use multiple computers to generate (or “bake”) the lightmaps used to illuminate products, significantly reduces the time required to create lightmaps. This step is one of the most time-consuming steps in the authoring process, as well as one of the steps that requires the most processing power.

In order to distribute the rendering over multiple computers, the computers a user wishes to use must be running Patchwork Lightmap Render and be connected to the user’s computer by a network. Patchwork Lightmap Render is a lightweight application that runs in the background and, when solicited, handles the availability of the computers, the connections between them, and the transfer of data for rendering.

Patchwork Material Build

Patchwork Material Build creates a Patchwork 3D material based on an XML file that describes the material. Patchwork Material Build is most commonly used as a component that is part of a process in which materials are created at a different stage in the process and then made available to designers or technicians using Patchwork 3D.

Patchwork Material Build is also capable of modifying material or group of materials of the same class located in the same folder.