Software Suite 2021.1


The complete designation of a Lumiscaphe product version is constructed according to the following scheme:






release r

Patchwork 3D





release 1[a]

[a] In the name of the software shortcuts, the mention "release r" does not appear.

Ex : Patchworkப3DபEnterpriseப2019.1பX2பreleaseப1

ப = space

The product version number indicates the functional evolutions of the product.

year= major

A new major version of Patchwork 3D Enterprise introduces significant new features or improvements to the use of existing features. A migration plan to accompany the evolution of client processes is required when distributing a major version.

Lumiscaphe releases one major version per year.


The major version number is incremented when there are functional changes.

m= minor

The minor version number is increased when integrated third party products are updated in order to bring minor updates or minor improvements to these products.

For example, Patchwork 3D Enterprise uses third party products for certain functions:

  • the import of certain CAD formats such: Step, ProE, Catia, NX, Parasolid, Iges, Wire, etc,

  • the handling of a lighting environment with HDR Light Studio.

A minor version of Patchwork 3D Enterprise may also add new features. It cannot, however, introduce new major features or significantly change the use of existing features. A migration plan is not required for client processes when distributing a minor version .

Two versions are released per year with a semestrial frequency: one major and one minor OR two majors.


The minor version number is incremented whenever a bug is corrected. The P3D and KDR formats are not modified.

release r



A corrective version only contains corrections. Functional updates are never included in corrective versions. A corrective version must be able to be released to all licensed users without updating documentation, translations…


The revision number is incremented whenever a bug is corrected. The P3D and KDR formats are not modified.

[a] The release number r may not be displayed in the software shortcuts.

Each new product version corresponds to the incrementation of one of these numbers with regards to the previous version number of the product. Lower-level numbers then reset to zero.

For example:

  • Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2019.1 could be the next minor version after the corrective version number 2019.0.

  • Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.0 is a new major version that might follow the corrective version number 2019.2.


The difference between a “major” version and a “minor” version is at the discretion of the marketing and sales departments.