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Software Suite 2023

File Format Compatibility

P3D file format compatibility

The file formats between the different versions of the software are not mutually compatible, that is, they can not be read or modified by the software of a different version.


*.p3d (Enterprise/Essential)

Native format

*.p3d (Premium/Community)

Conversion possible during the upgrade period from Community/Premium editions to Enterprise/Essential editions.

Compatibility of the P3D format between different versions of Patchwork 3D

In the case of Patchwork 3D Enterprise, the version numbers follow the rules mentioned below.



*.p3d n


A file created in Patchwork 3D Enterprise n-1 can be read and edited in Patchwork 3D Enterprise n.

*.p3d n-1

*.p3d n-2


A file created in Patchwork 3D Enterprise n-1 can be read and edited in Patchwork 3D Enterprise n-2.


The reasoning on compatibility is the same for other Lumiscaphe software.