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Software Suite 2023

Names and versioning rules

Software Suite

Each quarter, each major or minor software release is grouped into a guaranteed Software Suite to work together.

Each release of the Software Suite is named as follows for each quarter:

[Edition] [year]

Ex: Enterprise 2022


The complete designation of a Lumiscaphe product version is constructed according to the following scheme:





release n

Patchwork 3D




release 1

Ex : Patchwork_3D_Enterprise_2022_X5_release_1

ப = space

The product version number indicates the functional evolutions of the product.

year= major

A new major version of Patchwork 3D Enterprise introduces significant new features or improvements to the use of existing features. A migration plan to accompany the evolution of client processes is required when distributing a major version.

Lumiscaphe releases one major version per year.


The major version number is incremented when there are functional changes.

release n

A corrective version only contains corrections. Functional updates are never included in corrective versions. A corrective version must be able to be released to all licensed users without updating documentation, translations…

KDR data

The addition of new features in Patchwork 3D affects the data to be exported to KDR. So we decorrelated the software version numbers from the KDR format and added Xi in the software naming.

Compatibility between software within the same release of the Software Suite is ensured.

The version of the KDR named Xi may differ between the software components of a release of the same Sn version of the Suite.

However, it is guaranteed that Patchwork 3D's KDR export can generate KDR files that are compatible with other products in the Suite.

The mention Xi, after the product version number, indicates compatibility with the KDR format from Patchwork 3D.

  • For example, when the Enterprise Suite 2019 S1 contains Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2019.1 X3 and Patchwork Explorer Enterprise 2019.1 X3, it can still use the KDR files from Patchwork 3D because it is the same version (X3).

  • For example, when the Enterprise Suite 2019 S2 Includes Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2019.2 X4 and Patchwork Explorer Enterprise 2019.1 X3, the latter can still use the KDR files from Patchwork 3D by specifying the X3 format when exporting.





From v8.0 to v8.2

"Software Suite v8.0"



U or V repetition for stickers and textures.

Repetition for labels and textures in mirror.



Using the roughness map.


From 2019.2 to 2020.2

AxF CarPaint (CPA2) materials.

Choice of units for overlays and post-processes.


2021.1 and 2022

Recolouring of AxF CarPaint (CPA2) materials.


Cameras exposure property addition in configurators.


2023 and greater versions

Camera lens shifting and use of Nulls as a target for camera animation bookmarks.