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Software Suite 2023

What does the Lumiscaphe Software Suite do?

The Software Suite is used at multiple points in the product lifecycle, from design to sales.

Lumiscaphe’s Software Suite implements photorealistic visualization and manipulation of products, without having to rely on a physical object that may not yet exist.

Lumiscaphe’s 3D prototype, called a Digital Aspect Mockup (DAM) helps solve problems related to analysis or to visualization where there is a need to take into account the final appearance of a product before the product can be placed before the person who needs to evaluate it.

By using a photorealistic 3D prototype, a company can resolve a variety of issues.

Marketing and Sales

  • Provide material to support sales to showcase configurable 3D products to the needs of prospects/customers.

  • Produce images, videos, and other marketing assets, from very large ads to animated publicity spots.

  • Display all of the variants of a product, even when a point of sale cannot have all of them in stock .

  • Reassure the consumer by giving him the ability to visualize the chosen options (colors, customization, ergonomy...)

  • Sell online by using a 3D configurator of products (selected and customized by the customer).

  • Allow customers to customize their product without intervention or by limiting the intervention of the design office (text, engraving or printing styles, positions, ...)


  • Build digital services to share the DAM in all departments of the company.

  • Reduce costs by producing few or no physical prototypes

  • Analyze certain design elements that require the accurate perception of volumes and aspects

  • Have decision-makers validate final aspects before production


  • Reduce delays in design by shorter validation cycles

  • Facilitate creativity in design teams

The DAM is the only 3D prototype that is designed to meet company-level challenges. A single DAM can be used by different departments to meet entirely unrelated challenges.

When the use of a DAM is optimized, it also encourages data sharing between different departments in the company.