Accel VR 2021.1 X5

Interaction Devices

Various devices improve the feeling of immersion by facilitating interaction with the immersive environment.

It is possible to add in the immersive system a device that lets you interact with the virtual world such as a Fly Stick or the Apex by VICON. These devices allow surfaces to be indicated with a virtual laser beam. Based on the active interaction mode, you can then use the device's buttons to interact with the indicated surface or object.

For this to work, three conditions must be met:

  • The model must have first been correctly configured in Patchwork 3D to be interactive.

  • A tracking system of the position and the orientation of the user's head.

  • One or two tracked interaction devices (left hand and right hand).


If your device is not tracked, please use the Gamepad interactions from the Manipulators drop-down menu in the Advanced system settings section. You can then define your interaction device as being positioned 40cm below the head tracker, which will place it approximately as though it were held at the stomach-level by an adult user.