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Lumis 3D 2023

Product Line Review (Module)


The Product Line Review user module is required to access the functions described in this section. This optional module can be purchased separately.

The Product Line Review user module Lumis 3D allows you to use digital aspect mockups in dynamic presentations for design review sessions.

Products can be used to create product line reviews. A product line review is designed to present or review a product or series of products. Product line reviews allow you not only to explore the product but also to showcase and compare configurations and to include a reference image for your audience.


How to: Create a product line review

You must be a writer or an administrator in a space to create content.

  1. Click image13.png Create. Select the image46.png Product line review option. A box appears.

  2. In the Product drop-down list, choose the product you would like to base your product line review on. This list contains all of the products that you have created or that have been shared with you.

  3. In the field at the top of the box, type a name for your product line review. You can change the name of your product line review later by selecting image14.png Rename from the options that appear when the product line review is selected or when you right-click on it.

  4. Click the Create presentation button to validate the information you entered. The new product line review will be created in the current folder.

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