Software Suite 2022

Using the DAM

This section lists some of the principal uses of the DAM in the main industries represented by Lumiscaphe’s clients.


In the aeronautics industry, aircraft seat manufacturers and cabin design creators use the Lumiscaphe Suite for:

  • Product design

  • Pre-sales

  • Validation cycles with clients and prospects


In the automotive industry, the Lumiscaphe suite is used:

  • By color and trim departments to create concept cars or to create a series of vehicles

  • By design and engineering departments to approve the vehicle look

  • By communication and marketing departments to provide visuals for catalogs and websites, including those used in 3D configurators.

Design Studios

Design studios use the Lumiscaphe suite to:

  • Obtain a very realistic preview of a design

  • Evaluate perspectives and volumes in 3D, often using virtual reality