Software Suite 2022

Accel VR

Accel VR is a virtual reality software solution designed for the visualization of 1:1 scale a DAM. DAMs can be displayed on multi-screen immersive systems such as CAVE, PowerWall or virtual reality headsets and can be manipulated using configurations, animations, scenography, and real-time presentation elements that have previously been created in Patchwork 3D.

Explore in VR 3D prototypes with Accel VR.

Accel VR Enterprise offers all the viewing and configuration features described in the paragraph above.

The software uses a system of plugins:

  • CADTools: It allows you to import a 3D model of third-party CAD software to interact in virtual reality with it. You can deform, rotate, move, and add curves to the imported 3D model. The changes can then be exported to the third-party CAD software that created the 3D model. This plugin supports certain types of CAD files from 3rd party software (Maya, Rhino, Catia, Alias) thanks to the CADLayout format. CAD Tools adds editing features to Accel VR.

  • CAVE: supports DAM display and immersive interaction in a CAVE.

  • HMD: supports DAM display and immersive interaction in a virtual reality headset.

  • zSpace: supports DAM display and 3D interaction on a zSpace.

  • Projection Mapping: support for the projection of a DAM on a neutral scaled model (“projection mapping”).

Table 3. Accel VR Editions



Feature explanation



⩾2022: Annual subscription

<2022: Annual subscription or Permanent license


⩾ 2022: Seat

<2022: Permanent, dongle, nodelock, token

License term


Offline use

Enterprise edition: nodelock, USB key, token, borrowing from a license server for several days.

Permitted use


Non-commercial use includes: evaluation, students, education, hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Free Student License

For the Enterprise edition with a Lumi'School contract.

Lumi'School license

For teachers, staff and students.


KDR format from Patchwork 3D

Enterprise .kdr

Patchwork 3D Enterprise can convert Community/Premium .p3d files for 6 months with an upgrade purchase.


Headset compatibility

HMD only display

Companion monitor

Live what the user sees on a standard 2D monitor.

CAVE and PowerWall compatibility

In addition to VR headsets, different displays such as a mono/stereo PowerWall and/or a CAVE can be used with this license option.





Points of interest

Customizable user interface

Measuring tools

Clipping planes


Live sync changes to the 3D model you're working on and interact with multiple VR headsets. A license is required for each headset with a synchronization option.

Products layout

Layout several 3D models or multiple times the same model to compose your scene.

API plug-in

Develop your own plugins to extend the immersive experience.

Latest innovations

The latest innovations are developed for the Enterprise edition first.

CAD Tools

CAD Tools plugin


Plugin and features allowing to import of a model from third-party CAD software, to interact in VR by deforming it, rotating it, moving it, and adding curves to it. Modifications can be exported back in the third-party CAD software.

Collisions, Mannequin


The collider is used to display the intersections between products when it collides with surfaces.

The mannequin allows you to simulate and see the movements of your body in a 3D environment.


Culler plugin


Accelerate your system for data-intensive 3D scenes. This option requires an additional computer.

Accel VR also offers the possibility of directly importing a DAM by logging in from your Lumis 3D account.


Plugin functions are available via user license options.