Software Suite 2022

Patchwork Explorer

The Patchwork Explorer software is a 3D visualization software allowing to interactively present Digital Aspect Models with the Patchwork 3D authoring software, to explore its configurations and to create layouts of several DAMs. Its use is very simple and does not require any knowledge in the field of 3D.

Patchwork Explorer meets your 3D visualization software needs for:

  • Explore a digital aspect mockup from different angles and configurations.

  • Generate images from a selected viewpoint.

  • View and compare multiple products or variations of a product.

  • Create a scene with multiple products.

  • Carry out a project review relating to a product or a range of products.

Patchwork Explorer Enterprise offers all the viewing and configuration features mentioned above.

Table 2. Patchwork Explorer Edition



Feature explanation



⩾2022: Annual subscription

<2022: Annual subscription or Permanent license


⩾ 2022: Seat

<2022: Permanent, dongle, nodelock, token

License term


Offline use

Enterprise edition: nodelock, USB key, token, borrowing from a license server for several days.

Permitted use


Free Student License

For the Enterprise edition with a Lumi'School contract.

Lumi'School license

For teachers, staff and students.


KDR format from Patchwork 3D

Enterprise .kdr

Patchwork 3D Enterprise can convert Community/Premium .p3d files for 6 months with an upgrade purchase.



Patchwork Explorer allows you to visualize and present in 3D Digital Aspect Mockups (DAM).


Layouts allow you to combine multiple products in the viewport to create a scene.

Product analysis