Domain Administration (Module)


The Domain Administration user module is required to access the functions described in this section. Your user account must be designated as an administrator account for this domain.

The Domain Administration module for Lumis 3D is a base module included with Lumis 3D that allows domain administrators to:

  • Manage the domain and its name.

  • Consult license information for this platform of Lumis 3D.

  • Monitor the domain's data (disk space) usage.

  • Manage the users that make up a team of people who can share and collaborate with one another within the domain.

  • Add user modules and distribute them as needed among the users in your domain.

To access to the domain administration page, click on your domain name at the upper right corner of the screen.


Click on Your Domain Name to access the domain administration page.

In this section, you will find additional information on the following topics: