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Lumis 3D 2024


Header Bar

The header bar at the top of Lumis 3D provides access to the following areas:

  • The Lumis 3D logo: If you are logged in, use this to return to your content and spaces.

  • Domain: Access to your domain's profile information and administration, if you have administrator access.

  • User Account: Access to your profile information. You can make changes here, such as updating your password, email address, and name.

  • Notifications image2.png. See notifications when your coworkers share a space, upload content or comment a file.

  • Sign Out button.

Content Navigation

In the content view, the list of spaces is always present in a sidebar on the left. To move from one space to another, click on the name of the space. The current space is always highlighted.

Within a space, content may be organized using folders. If you have multiple folders, you can navigate through the folder tree by clicking on the folder you want to open. The path to the current folder is always displayed at the top of the view. Click on the name of a folder in the path to move back up the tree to a previous folder.

Footer bar

The footer bar at the bottom of Lumis 3D provides access to the following areas:

  • Legal notice

  • Conditions: The Lumis 3D conditions page.

  • Release: The current Lumis 3D release versions page, with access to version changes.