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Lumis 3D 2024

Types of Spaces

Private Spaces


You must have access to the Private Space user module to use a private space.

Your private space, if you have one, is only accessible to you. You cannot invite other users to participate in your private space. Files in it are accessible only to you unless you share them via public link.

Your private space is marked with the icon image8.png in the list of spaces.

Private spaces cannot be created or deleted; you cannot leave your private space.

Shared Spaces


The content below is only available for users of the Enterprise edition.

Shared spaces allow multiple users to participate as administrators, readers, or writers. Files in shared spaces can be made accessible to any members in your domain under their participation role.

Shared spaces can be created or deleted by their administrators; unless you are the only administrator in a space, you can leave a shared space.

Shared spaces are marked with the icon image9.png in the list of spaces if they are not yet shared with other members, or with the icon image10.png if they are already shared with other members.


How to: Leave a shared space


You cannot leave certain types of spaces, such as private spaces or spaces with Reader rights only.

If you are an administrator for this space, at least one other member must also be an administrator for you to be able to leave the space.

  1. Click on the space in the left-hand Spaces menu from any content page. You are now viewing the space. Its name appears in the upper left-hand corner of the content area.

  2. Click on the image11.png logo to show the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on the image12.pngMembers logo to open the Sharing settings window.

  4. At the bottom of this window, click Leave space.

Public Spaces


The content below is only available for users of the Enterprise edition.

Your domain may have public spaces that have been created by a member and shared with all users in your domain.

Public spaces are marked with the icon image7.png in the list of spaces.