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Lumis 3D 2024

Space-Specific Properties

Each space has its properties, accessible to the administrators of that space. These properties define the collaborative and sharing behavior for all files in the space.

Manage these sharing properties from within each space by clicking on the image16.png logo at the top of the content area to open the Space settings menu and selecting image12.png Members.


How to: Modify sharing settings for a space


You must be an administrator in the space you want to modify.

  1. Click on the space in the left-hand Spaces menu from any content page.

  2. You are now viewing the space. Its name appears in the upper left-hand corner of the content area.

  3. Click on the image11.png logo to show the drop-down menu.

  4. Click on the image12.png Members logo to open the Sharing settings window.

  5. Make the changes you want. The space is instantly updated.

  6. Click Close when finished.

Administrators can:

  • Make a space public to all Lumis 3D users in your domain

  • Set sharing settings for the space for individual users


    This will override settings for the user in question if the space is public to all users in your domain. For example, if a space available to all users as Readers has a user listed with Writer rights, that user will inherit Writer rights for this space.

  • Add members to the space

  • Change the rights of users in the space

  • Leave the space, as long as at least one remaining member is designated as a space administrator

Even if you are not an administrator, you can still view the other members of the space or choose to leave the space. Note that you cannot leave certain types of spaces, such as private spaces.

Once you leave a space, if you want to return, you must be invited back in by an administrator of that space.