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Lumis 3D 2024


KPL layouts uploaded to Lumis 3D can be used to create scenes in which products are placed in order to display them together in a pre-set spatial configuration. A scene allows you to configure and manipulate multiple models in the same visual environment in real-time. This option is used to create a virtual showroom or display case, or to create complex models that use multiple digital aspect mockups, such as interior spaces where the enclosed space and its contents are modeled separately.


How to: Create a scene


You must be a writer or an administrator in a space to create content.

  1. Click image13.png Create. Select the image45.png Scene option. A box appears. In the field at the top of the box, type a name for your scene. You can change the name of your scene later by selecting image14.png Rename from the options that appear when the scene is selected or when you right-click on it.

  2. In the Layout drop-down list, choose the layout you would like to base your scene on. This list contains all of the KPLs that you have uploaded or that have been shared with you.

  3. A list of products associated with the scene appears below the Layout choice as soon as you have selected a layout. The names of the KDR files used in the layout are displayed next to each product option. The drop-down list gives you a choice among all of the products you have access to that were created based on the listed KDR. These may be products you created yourself or products that have been shared with you.

  4. For each different KDR in the layout, choose the product you want to associate with this scene.


You must associate a product with each KDR in the layout. If you do not have products for each, you will need to create them before you can create the scene.

Click the Create button to validate the information you entered. The new scene will be created in the current folder.