Accel VR Enterprise 2022 X5

Frames of Reference in Accel VR

The fifth frames of reference used in Accel VR are:

  • the world frame,

  • the shuttle frame,

  • the tracking frame,

  • the head frame,

  • the frame of the devices (right hand or left hand).

The world frame is the frame used in the database. Its origin is the center of the grid visible in Accel VR Pilot.

The shuttle frame is represented in the following scheme. Setting the origin of the shuttle frame at the center of the room is recommended. Its axes are positioned so that X and Y axes are collinear to the plane of the main window (front window) and Z axis is orthogonal to it.

The tracking frame and the shuttle frame are superimposed when the tracking system is calibrated according to the recommendations of the configuration assistant.


Shuttle and tracking frames of reference.

The head frame is controlled by the Head Manipulator.

  • In the case of using a CAVE with tracked glasses, its origin is at the center of mass of the tracking targets or on one of them. It is highly important that in the tracking software, the frame is oriented so that the X axis points to the right (when looking through the glasses) and either Y or Z is vertical (based on the overall vertical of the tracking system). The position of each pupil center is defined with regard to this origin.

  • In the case of using a VR headset, this frame of reference is provided by the headset software (HTC VIVE® or Oculus Rift®). Please follow the calibration process of Steam VR room.

  • In the case of using a zSpace, please follow the VR glasses calibration process of the manufacturer.