Accel VR Enterprise 2022 X5

General description

Accel VR is a virtual reality software solution designed for the visualization of Digital Aspect Mockups on a 1:1 scale on multi-screen immersive systems.

Visualization on a 1:1 scale makes it possible to assess objects with regard to their actual size and complements the photorealistic rendering quality of the Lumiscaphe rendering engine with an extra dimension of realism.

Accel VR conforms to a wide range of configurations. Its use is suited to various visualization profiles and modes, such as multi-screen devices, image walls based on juxtaposed projections, immersive systems of the C.A.V.E. type, or Head-Mounted Displays.


Overview of a CAVE operating with Accel VR.

Accel VR also supports several stereoscopic display modes and can interface with different tracking systems to enrich sensory experimentation during the project review.