Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4

Parallax Correction

Reflections generated by a local environment are calculated from the environment's position. However, the observer's position is often different from the environment's position. This may produce a visible difference between the physically realistic reflection of the environment and the reflection actually observed in the scene.

Parallax correction uses proxy surfaces in order to correct for the shift due to the use of different reference points for the observer and the environment.




The type of proxy surface to use:

  • None: no correction,

  • Box: a cube,

  • Hemisphere: a hemisphere,

The settings for each type of proxy surface are discussed below.

Automatic adjustment (...)

When a box or hemisphere proxy surface is used, Patchwork 3D Design can estimate its required volume in order to match the environment zone as closely as possible. Run this operation using the ... button. It may be necessary to fine-tune the results.


Show or hide the highlighting of the proxy surfaces.


Use a box as a proxy when the space that should be used for the environment is mostly box-like.

Boxes are always aligned on the grid. They are defined by their minimum and maximum values along the X, Y and Z axes.

In the corresponding fields, enter the minimum and maximum coordinates along the X, Y and Z axes.


Use a hemisphere as a proxy when the space that will be used for the environment is similar to a hemisphere shape.

A hemisphere is defined by the length of its radius and by the position of the hemisphere's central point.

Provide the coordinates for the central point, and indicate the length of the radius.