Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4

Operations on Models

Operations concerning models can be found in the Shaper Model menu or in the Shaper Geometry sidebar tab:




Create a new model.


Duplicate a model.

During the duplication of a model, Patchwork 3D shares the geometrical elements constituting the surfaces of the model between the original and the duplicate models. This means that duplicating a model uses very little memory.


Rename a model.


Import a model.


Export a model.


Delete a model.

A 3D model can occupy a large amount of memory. A Shaper model is loaded into the memory only when it is to be edited. All the models loaded during your work session are held in the memory and are instantly available by means of a system of tabs located just below the top toolbar.

On the right, in the same bar as the tabs, the button close_model_1.png can be used to close the current model. You can also clear a mode from the memory by closing it by means of the Model > Close menu option.