Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4

Selection Visibility Modes

Two options modify the behavior of Shaper for displaying a model that is being edited without affecting the attributes of the surfaces:





Edit menu > Show Selected Only

When this option is enabled, only the selected surfaces are visible. The selected surfaces are represented as unselected surfaces to facilitate viewing.

The selection is locked to prevent errors: you can no longer modify the selection with the mouse. This mode is particularly helpful when it is necessary to isolate a subset of surfaces in a complex model: enable this option to momentarily isolate the selected surfaces and check the consistency of your selection. You can use the keyboard shortcut associated with this menu entry to quickly enable and disable this option (S key by default).


Edit menu > Shade Selected

When this option is enabled, the selected surfaces are represented with smooth rendering in the views where you are using wireframe shading.