Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4

Rendering from the Snapshot Batcher

Launch the rendering of the selected snapshots by clicking on the Render snapshots button image424.png. The Save options dialogue box will open.

The Output directory sets the directory in which the snapshots are saved. The image files for the snapshots are named after the corresponding view.

When Confirm overwrite is not checked, all files with conflicting names in the output directory automatically are overwritten. If Confirm overwrite is checked, you are asked confirmation for each conflicting file before rendering. If you choose not to overwrite a file, the rendering for the corresponding view is skipped.

Once the saving options are set, click OK to start rendering. Clicking on Cancel closes the Save options dialogue box and brings you back to the Snapshot Batcher.

During the rendering, a dialogue box displays the operations performed, along with any potential errors and warnings.