Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4

Shaper Viewports

A 3D viewport is a rectangular window used to draw a 3D representation of the model that is being edited.

The representation of the model is determined for each viewport by a viewpoint (the position of the observer) and by a center of interest (the point being observed). Several types of representation exist: a wireframe 3D rendering gives a schematic vision of the model, whereas a surface 3D rendering gives a more real and more intuitive impression of the surfaces and volumes.

Shaper offers you four independent 3D viewports. The parameters of each viewport can be modified to facilitate the observation and editing of the model. One of the four viewports has a highlighted frame: this is the active viewport. The viewport configuration operations are applied by default to the active viewport. To activate a viewport, click on it with the left button of the mouse. By activating the Viewport > Maximize Viewport menu item, the active viewport is enlarged to fill the whole workspace. You can return to the four-view mode by deactivating the Viewport > Maximize Viewport menu item. This can also be done by pressing the A key.

In Shaper , you can work directly on the 3D viewports using the mouse. Several operating modes determine how the user can interact with the 3D environment with the mouse.