Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4


Standard Assignment

You can use several types of backgrounds to simulate an environment in which your product is placed. Backgrounds are applied to camera sensors.


From left to right: None – Gradient – Environment.

The type of background can be selected under the menu Camera > Background.

The assignment of a background is performed by:

  • Drag-and-drop from the Matter sidebar's background library to the Sensors editor or to the interaction zone of the viewport,

  • Drag-and-drop from the Backgrounds editor to the Sensors editor or to the interaction zone of the viewport.

An operation for removing the background from a camera's sensor is available from Camera > Background > Remove Background.

For more information on backgrounds, see Backgrounds.

Background and Environment on Product Selection

This function enables you to assign a background to a product in the designated viewport or to several products save considerable time.

This command offers you three modes of product selection:

  • All the products in viewports,

  • All the products of the model,

  • All the products of all models.

This operation is performed by dragging and dropping the background from the Matter sidebar's background library into the active viewport while holding down the Ctrl key.


The information line located at the bottom of the active view indicates the function of this command: [Ctrl ="Product selection dialog"] Set background to XXXXXXXX.

These assignment modes can only be performed on environments and overlays.