Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4


A lighting environment is an omnidirectional image (360 x 360 degrees) that memorizes the incident lighting at a particular point in space.

Patchwork 3D supports the light probe, latitude-longitude, and vertical cross formats of HDR images for use as environments.

env lightprobe.png
env latlong.png
env vcross.png

HDR Environment formats: light probe, lat-long, and vertical cross.

Patchwork 3D environments are HDR environments (High Dynamic Range). The data stored in an environment are encoded in order to maintain the full range of light dynamics, at multiple orders of magnitude.

The measured physical quantities of the lighting allow image details to be maintained, even within a single image, in the full range of lighting dynamics, from very dark areas to very bright ones.


With the aid of an environment, the Matter module computes the diffuse global lighting environment that serves to render the lighting on the surfaces and generates visible reflections in the reflection coat of the materials.