Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4

Specific Settings for Images

Available in: Matter: Snapshot > Snapshot Video

From the Snapshot editor, you can modify the rendering parameters and render a view of a product in an image file. This editor uses the material abilities of the interactive viewport to calculate an image whose size can be significantly larger than the screen resolution. The maximum size of the image depends only on your computer’s memory.

Once the desired settings have been indicated, the Render button initiates the creation of the image file.

Dimensions Zone

The configure_render_1.png button next to the Resolution box is a shortcut to standard resolutions expressed in dpi (dots per inch). If the resolution is provided in units other than dpi, the chosen standard resolution will be converted to the selected units.

In the Orientation zone, select one of the radio buttons for Portrait or Landscape. This choice is not available if you have selected one of the predefined formats: Defined by Viewport, Defined by Product, or Fill Viewport.