Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2020.2 X4

Resources in a P3D File

The P3D file contains many resources, including:

  • Lighting sets,

  • Color palettes,

  • Image and video files used as textures,

  • Materials,

  • Image files used as backgrounds,

  • Gradients,

  • Lighting environments,

  • Camera hierarchies,

  • Camera position lists (.kam file);

  • Sensors,

  • Overlays,

  • Post-processing sets.

All of these resources are fully integrated in the P3D file. Even if they originally came from external sources, once the database has been saved, Patchwork 3D will never require access to the original file.


When transferring a P3D database from one computer to another, you will only need to move the P3D file. All of the resources are contained in this one file.

Many of these resources can also be exported or imported, making them transferable between P3D databases. They can, for example, be stored in a common library which can be specified in the preferences and accessed via the explorer in the Matter sidebar.