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Patchwork 3D 2024 X7

Activating Patchwork 3D

Running Patchwork 3D for the First Time

The first time you run Patchwork 3D by selecting it from the Start menu > Programs > Lumiscaphe or by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop, the activation wizard will open automatically. You are required to activate Patchwork 3D before first use.

In order to complete the activation of your software, you will need a license. The following procedures will walk you through the steps to activate your software, including the steps to obtain your license key.

Follow the steps below or contact us at () for further assistance.

To purchase a license or to obtain an evaluation copy of Patchwork 3D, the sales team is at your disposal. You can reach us at ().

License Activation Wizard


The activation wizard will run when you open Patchwork 3D for the first time. You can also run it yourself at any time from the Help menu > License Activation > Restart wizard... button.

An activation wizard will guide you through the steps to activate Patchwork 3D.

First, choose your activation method. Four options are listed: two for nodelock licenses, and one for floating licenses, and one for dongles with tokens.

Choose one of the following options:

  • Create an activation request ;

  • Activate the product with a license file ;

  • Activate the product with a server on the network ;

  • Activate the software with a token license (USB key).

Requesting a Nodelock Activation for Your Computer

Choose this method if you don’t have a license activation key yet but have already purchased your license.

  1. Select I need activation for this computer on the first screen of the activation wizard, then click Next>.>

  2. Provide the account information requested by the activation wizard on the next screen. You will be asked for your name, your company, and your email address. You must provide your company email. This allows us to identify you. We will send the license key you request to the company email address you provide in this step.

  3. Click the Save File…button. Choose where this file will be saved. It is advisable to save it in an easy to find place, for example, the office. By default, the name of the file is presented as follows: "20150315_Votre Société_Request_disksn = WD-WMAYUM849339.lar". Do not change the name of this file.

  4. Click on Finish to close the wizard.

  5. Email the file you have created to .

  6. When we receive this file, we will send you your activation key. Once you have received your activation key, you can run your P3D software again. This time choose I already have an activation file for this computer when the activation wizard opens. (See paragraph below.)

Using an Existing Nodelock Activation Key for Your Computer

Choose this method if you have already received a license activation key. These are files ending with extensions .lic or .klic. Choose the option I already have an activation file for this computer to use the license activation file you received attached to the email with the download links. This file must be saved to your computer.

  1. Select I already have an activation file for this computer on the first screen of the activation wizard. Then, click Next >.

  2. Click on Select a license file… A window in which you can navigate to find your license activation key file opens. Select this file, then click Open.

  3. Click on Next> .

  4. Your activation is complete. Click Finish to launch Patchwork 3D.

We recommend moving your .lic or .klic file to the following directory for safekeeping:

C:\Users\[Your User]\Documents\Lumiscaphe\Patchwork 3D Design 2024 X7\

This file will be useful in the future if you need to reactivate Patchwork 3D. It can also be used to provide us with information in the case of a problem with your activation, whether now or later on.

Using a Floating Activation from an RLM License Server on Your Network

Choose this method if you have purchased a floating license and have installed it on an RLM license server. Your computer must be connected to this server by a network. Currently, this method should be used for all floating licenses for Patchwork 3D.

  1. Select I want to use an activation from an RLM license server on my network on the first screen of the activation wizard. Then, click Next >.

  2. Enter the name of the RLM license server in the text box. If you do not know the name of your RLM license server, ask your system administrator. Click the Next > button.

  3. Your activation is complete. Click on Finish.

  4. On the next screen, all of the licenses available on your server will be listed.

Click on the license ID you want to use. If you only have one license ID available, or if you always want to use the same license ID, you can also tick the checkbox for the option Always use selected license. If you do not check this option, you will be asked to select your license ID every time you open Patchwork 3D.

Then click OK to start Patchwork 3D.

Using an activation with a license of tokens (dongle)

Choose this option if you have a UniKey dongle (USB key) to use Patchwork 3D occasionally. Indeed, the activation of a license token per USB key is valid for 24 hours from the moment of acquisition of the token


Once the license token is activated, it is not necessary to let the USB key (dongle) plugged into your computer. The token remains valid until the 24-hour period is over. When the token is no longer valid, it is necessary to plug the USB key back in to use another one token.

  1. There are two possibilities of activation:

    • Via the dongle which is connected to the computer,

    • Via a server or via a network. In this case, it is possible to indicate the IP address of the server in the dedicated field (speeds up the search for the server). If the specified server is not available, it is possible to automatically search for a server on the local network by checking the box

  2. Once you have made your choice, click on Next > and the wizard will confirm that the activation has been completed.

  3. Click on Finish.

  4. Patchwork 3D will prompt you to use a new token.