Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Animating Channels with Advanced Configuration

The advanced mode in the Channels (Editor) can be used for precise control over one or more channels of animation.

Creating an animation curve using the advanced mode follows these main steps:

  1. To the left of the graph, select the curve you wish to edit.

  2. Place the time cursor at the time position where you would like to make a change by adding a new key frame.

  3. In the active viewport or in the editors associated with the selected channels, make the changes you would like to see at this point in time.

  4. Click on curve_editor_capture_channel_1.png Capture current values. This will add a key point in each selected channel, using the values set in the editors and the active view. The new key points are aligned with the time cursor.

You can also add key points by hand: activate the New key framecurve_editor_add_1.png mode and click on curves on the graph where you would like to place new key frames. Once the key frame has been added, enable one of the repositioning modes (curve_editor_select_and_move_vertically_1.png, curve_editor_select_and_move_horizontally_1.png, or curve_editor_select_and_move_1.png) to reposition your key frames interactively by dragging the point with the mouse. If one of these modes is already enabled, you can place a key frame without changing modes by using the function Alt + click.

  1. By default, the curve which is drawn between two points is of the type Curve curve_bezier_1.png. In this case, the change in the channel value in this interval of time does not occur at a constant speed. The speed of change of this value on either side of the key point is represented by the angle of tangents to the curve to the left and to the right of the key point. To modify the speed of change, you will need to reposition the tangents. To do so, set the mouse to one of the repositioning modes (curve_editor_select_and_move_vertically_1.png, curve_editor_select_and_move_horizontally_1.png, or curve_editor_select_and_move_1.png) and click on any key frame to show its left and right tangents.

  2. By default, the tangents are horizontal. Clicking and dragging a tangent's end-point modifies the tangent used to calculate the curve. The tangents to the left andR to the right of the key frame are modified independently of one another.

  3. To modify the type of progression used between two key frames, open Key Frames curve_editor_show_key_frame_editor_1.png. Clicking on the option shown next to Left or Right allows you to modify the progression mode for the curves to the left and to the right of the point, respectively. This opens a list of choices:

    • Select Linear curve_linear_1.png to impose a constant (linear) change from the initial value to the final value over the time available between the two points. This appears as a straight line on the curve.

    • Select Step curve_step_1.png to impose an instantaneous change of value at the key frame's time. This appears as a step (horizontal and vertical lines) on the curve.

    • Leave the Curve curve_bezier_1.png form to add ease to the animation slope. Tangents are available at each key frame that has been set to Curve. Use them to adjust the shape of the curve.