Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Animation Constraints

Animation constraints define how certain Shaper objects move in relation to others. This relationship is defined by the object to be constrained, its target, and the type of constraint. Constraints can affect the position of an object, the orientation of an object, or both at the same time.

Animation constraints are defined in the Kinematics tab of the Shaper sidebar:

  1. Select the objects to be constrained.

  2. Click on the add_constraint_1.png button to add a constraint to the selected objects.

  3. A context menu appears. Select the type of constraint that will be created.

  4. An eyedropper appears. Use this tool to select the target in the viewport. For example, if the selected null should follow a Bézier path, use the eyedropper to select the Bézier path.