Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Specific Settings for Cubic VR Panoramas

Available in: Matter: Snapshot > Snapshot VR Panorama

Cubic VR Panorama produces a 3D image of the product in a 3D space. It creates a cubic viewing space that gives the observer the impression to be in the product’s 3D space.

Once the desired settings have been indicated, the Render button initiates the creation of the image files that constitute the cubic VR panorama.


During rendering, a dialogue box is displayed to show the progression of the creation of the video file. At any time, you can pause the progression by clicking the Pause button, or cancel it by clicking on the Cancel button. If you have paused the rendering, start it again by clicking on Resume.

The Viewer button at the bottom of this dialogue box opens a frame viewing window.