Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

General Tab

Patchwork 3D supports English, Japanese and Chinese. Choose your preferred language for the interface here.

Select your language.

When the Remember size of windows option is checked, Patchwork 3D memorizes the size and position of its window when you close the application. On the next startup, the main window of the application resumes the size and position previously memorized.

Remember size of windows

The Undo/Redo zone combines all the options concerning the Undo/Redo system of the application. If the Limit to box is not checked, then the number of memorized operations is infinite. When the box is checked, the number of operations is limited to the value given on the right. You can change this value by clicking in the editable field or by using the two arrowhead buttons on the right. A limit of 20 operations is generally sufficient. The changes made to the undo/redo system will not be taken into account when the application is restarted. For more information, see the section on the Undo/Redo Mechanism.

Choose the limit of Undo/Redo operations.

The Controllers zone offers a selection of additional controllers. Check the box to the left of the additional controller you wish to select. The name of the controller is a button that allows access to the window for setting the speed and sensitivity for various actions. You can choose to add the following additional controllers:

  • SpaceMouse

  • Xbox controller

Select your controller.

Use the keyboard to enter numerical values in order to increase/decrease the speed/sensitivity of the mouse.