Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

List of Editors in Patchwork 3D





image118.png Camera Animations

available via the Timelines editor,

image119.png Backgrounds

assembles settings associated with the aspect of 2D backgrounds

carve_surface_1.png Surface Cutting Workshop

contains advanced surface cutting tools

edit_parametrization_1.png Unfolding & Stitch Workshop

contains advanced surface flattening (unfolding) tools

image118.png Timelines (Editor)

creates animation sequences called "timelines"

image122.png Aspect Layers

manages layers containing color and material information, as well as saved groups of aspect layer visibility settings

image123.png Position Layers

manages layers containing modified positions for the geometric objects in the model, as well as their visibility; object positions in the layers can only be modified in Shaper

image124.png Cameras

manages the hierarchical camera list, the favorite cameras for each product, and the settings of the camera currently being edited

image125.png Channels

available via the Timelines editor; sets up an animation of almost any parameter related to a product's aspect

image126.png Sensors

contains the settings associated with sensors, including the assignment of backgrounds, overlays, and post-processing

image127.png Snapshots (Images)

prepares and creates image files from Patchwork 3D rendering

image118.png Configuration Keys

available via the Timelines editor; sets up the animation element allowing the visible configuration to be changed

image128.png Animation Sliders

allows animated meshes and geometry animations associated with translation vectors or rotation axes, as well as timeline clips, to be played back manually, one by one

image129.png Configurations

defines the display rules for layers and groups them into product configurations

image130.png GPU Consumption

analyzes GPU consumption and detects ways it can be reduced

image131.png Product Environments

manages lighting environment layers and environment properties per product (orientation, setup for use with the real-time sun)

image132.png Tag Manager

creates tags and assigns them to objects or groups of objects

image133.png Import Log

displays the status (events, warnings, and errors) of an import

image134.png Gradients

available via the Materials editor; creates or imports gradients

create_hdr_live_environment_1.png HDR Light Studio (plug-in)

creates or modifies a lighting environment with HDR Light Studio

Imported File History

lists files that have been imported into the model currently being edited

history_dialog_1.png Rendered Views History

provides a history of snapshots that have been rendered with Patchwork 3D

image137.png Text Image

creates an image based on text, which can then be used as a texture

image138.png Materials

contains settings associated with the aspect of materials

image139.png Live Mode

creates associations between a click on a specific surface and a channel animation clip or a timeline, for playback when Live mode is enabled

configuration_browser_1.png Configuration Browser

allows a user to explore configurations set up for a product

image141.png VR Objects

prepares and creates VR objects

image142.png Measuring Tool

measures the distance between two points in the 3D space

image143.png Panoramas

prepares and creates 360-degree panoramic videos from Patchwork 3D rendering

image143.png Cubic VR Panoramas

prepares and creates VR cubic panoramas from Patchwork 3D rendering

image144.png Raytracing Settings

establishes the settings used by the raytracing engine

image145.png Advanced Triangulation Parameters

allows minimums and maximums to be applied to the calculation of surface tessellation (a CAD import license option is required)

clipping_plane_editor_1.png Clipping Planes

positions, displays, and modifies the display settings of the clipping planes that bisect a product

edit_postprocess_1.png Post-Processing

contains the settings for a series of 2D post-processing effects, from effect-specific settings to the order in which effects are applied

database_properties_1.png Database Properties

contains information concerning the color profile and the origin of the file

image103.png Viewport Properties

can require a specific display behavior for clipping planes in the corresponding viewport

image149.png Model Properties

displays and can edit the name of the model and the display size for nulls

image150.png Product Properties

displays and can edit the name of the product, the disassociation of Shaper and Matter visibility states, and the rendering policy for backfaces

image151.png Surface Properties

provides information on the surface or object and manages associated options

image152.png Surface Properties

contains aspect properties (material, stickers, specific lighting environment) for a surface, by aspect layer and by environment layer

image153.png Environment Properties

contains settings associated with a lighting environment, including its orientation and its alternate background texture

image154.png Keyboard Map

lists and can modify keyboard and mouse shortcuts used in Patchwork 3D

Render Quality Settings

defines render mode presets in the viewport and contains tools to limit, if necessary, extensive calculations during interaction with the scene

image155.png Snapshot Batcher

assembles rendering tasks for creating videos, images, VR objects and VR panoramas for which immediate rendering was not selected, and runs batched rendering

Color Chooser

available in any editor where a color choice is possible; contains a color selection widget and means of managing a color palette

image156.png Selections

contains advanced selection tools, including selection by type, selection by search, and saved selection groupings

image157.png Layer Visibility Bookmarks

saves and calls up visibility states for geometry layers and for surfaces

visibility.png Layer Visibility

displays and can modify the visibility state of each individual geometry and lighting layer

image158.png Real-Time Sun

adds a sun-type lighting that can be set up and modified in real time

image159.png Stereo

modifies the basic stereoscopy settings when the stereoscopy mode is enabled

image160.png Overlays

contains the settings associated with the aspect of overlays

image161.png Textures

manages image, resolution, and color properties for textures

image162.png Triangulation

manages the interactive tessellation of a NURBS surface or group of NURBS surfaces (a CAD import license option is required)

image163.png Videos

prepares and creates video files from a timeline