Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5


Available in: Shaper or Matter: Scripting

Scripting allows you to automate repetitive tasks or to extend the functionalities of Patchwork 3D.

Three operating modes are available:

  • The Console mode to execute commands interactively. For assistance click the Documentation button.


    At any time you can Interrupt Execution of the command by clicking on the dedicated button and restart the Python interpreter.

  • The Execute script mode to execute a .py script stored on your computer.

  • The Start scripting server mode to launch a server allowing an external Python interpreter to execute commands in Patchwork 3D. The Local connections only parameter disallow remote connections. The Port allows you to choose the communication port between the server and the interpreter.

You can also find the documentation at the following locations:

At any time you can see the scripting documentation in Matter or Shaper by clicking the Scripting menu > Scripting Help...