Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5


In the Actions tab, on the left of this window is the list of operations used in Patchwork 3D. These operations are combined into several groups: Application, Matter, Shaper, Surface Cutting Workshop, Timelines, and Unfolding Workshop. The group selector allows you to display the operations of a group in the list of operations. By selecting an operation, its description, the associated icon and the assigned shortcut if there is one will appear on the right.

To assign a new shortcut to the selected operation, click the Enter... button and then press the desired key on your keyboard that you wish to use. The shortcut entered then appears in the New shortcut zone. If an operation is currently assigned to this shortcut, it is displayed in the Currently assigned to zone. By clicking the Assign button, this shortcut is assigned to the selected operation. An operation previously assigned to this shortcut is no longer assigned to it. You can remove the shortcut assigned to an operation at any moment by clicking the Remove button.

The system of predefined configurations allows you to easily load one of the keyboard configurations supplied by default with Patchwork 3D. The user configuration corresponds to the keyboard configuration that is currently being used in Patchwork 3D. Use the OK button to assign your new configuration to the keyboard. Use the Cancel button to cancel any changes you have made. It is also possible to display the keyboard shortcuts in an HTML file by clicking the Show as HTML button.