Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Real-Time Antialiasing

Patchwork 3D includes an antialiasing function for real-time rendering.

Real-time antialiasing can be set up in the Render Presets available from the context menu of the 3D viewport.

The effect of the antialiasing is particularly effective in the case of sharp borders and strong contrast between the start and end colors of gradients.

When the point of view changes, artifacts due to high intensities may occur in specular reflections. These artifacts consist in white dots due to highly-localized reflections. Consequently, filtering is deactivated by default during and at the end of interactive phases.

However, as the software antialiasing eliminates the artifacts efficiently and the filtering removes a light blur from the specular reflections, the anisotropic filtering is automatically enabled when the software antialiasing kicks in.

The anisotropic filtering may be set separately for interactive rendering phases, for the end of these phases, and for idle phases. To do so, activate a custom preset in the Render Quality Settings of the Render Presets submenu of the viewport context menu. Use the Specular anisotropic filtering slider to set the level of filtering.