Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Light Sources

Lighting is organized into lighting layers. Each layer contains at least one light source.

Select a layer by clicking on it in order to add, delete, or modify the light sources in that layer. In the Lights zone, the light sources in the current layer are listed.

As soon as you create a light, you have a near-immediate view of the result in Patchwork 3D's material render mode. This interactive mode is useful for fine-tuning your lighting, placing your light sources and for adjusting their intensity.




New light group.


New light source.


Duplicate the light source.


Delete the light source.


Align the main light source with the camera.


Align the camera with the main light source.


Position the lights at a point to be selected.


Orient the lights towards a point to be selected.


Show Light Gizmos shows or hides the representation of the lights in the viewports.

To create a new light source, click on the New light image603.png icon.

The first light created in a layer is always of the type sky . The following are of types spot, sun, omni or area.

Once the light source has been created, the type of source can be modified at any time.

Right-click on a selection of sources in the list. This opens a context menu that can be used to create a copy of the selected light sources in another lighting layer.

To delete a light source, select the light source to delete in the lights list, then click on the Delete light delete_light_1.png icon.


To be able to delete a light source, you must have more than one source.