Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Floating Viewport of Matter

Available in : Matter: Visualization > Floating Mode

In Matter, click on the Undock the viewport image101.png button on the upper right corner of the viewport to detach the viewport and use it as a floating window. All its interest lies in the fact that it stills visible in Shaper. You could use Matter's viewport on a monitor and Shaper on another if you have, for example, a two-display workstation.

The interest of Matter's floating viewport is multiple.

  • Such as doing an unfolding with the Unfolding/Stitch Workshop from Shaper and checking, for example, that your unfolding in Matter meets your requirements.

  • Create a scene by moving multiple geometries in Shaper and interactively checking in Matter the result.

  • Change the light sources of a scene from Shaper and interactively see the changes in a floating viewport of Matter for an Iray rendering.

You will have understood that the limits of creation are only limited by your imagination.

Click the button again image101.png to dock the floating viewport of Matter. The floating viewport of Matter will automatically dock into Matter module accessible from this icon image102.png.


Matter's keyboard shortcuts are also accessible in the floating viewport of Matter, even if you are in Shaper module. However, not all editor features are supported.