Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Create and delete a saved selection





Create a saved selection

Creates a group of objects in which all of the selected objects will keep their initial states. This is called creating a saved selection.


Delete a saved selection

Deletes a saved selection.


  • Create a saved selection saves the selection in the Selection editor. Cf. Selections (Editor).

  • Doing an operation on a saved selection it amounts to doing an operation on each selection of the set.

  • Clicking on a surface of a set selects all objects.

  • Unlike the merge of surfaces this feature keeps all the properties of the surfaces.

  • Compared to a multiple selection, this feature adds the ability to assign a material to a saved selection.

Below are the shortcuts for creating and deleting a set of objects.



Create a saved selection

Ctrl + G

Delete a saved selection

Ctrl + Shift + G


A surface can belong to several sets. In this case a contextual menu appears to specify which saved selection to select.

Saved selections can then contain kinematic objects, Bézier paths and mergers of surfaces.