Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Surface Properties (Shaper Editor)

Available in: Shaper: Surface > Properties (P)

Surface Properties displays and edits the properties of the selected surfaces. This editor is composed of three tabs and an information zone.

Each surface has several properties listed in the zone labeled Information:

  • Its name,

The name allows for rapid identification of a surface, both in Shaper and in Matter.

  • Its drawing color in Shaper,

  • A comment (initially, the name of the import file), The comment contains, once a surface has been imported, the path to the source file.

  • The layer to which it belongs,

  • The type of surface.

Its name and comment can be modified by clicking in the text field and typing a new value.

To change the Shaper drawing color, you have access to a color chooser:

  1. Select a color, either by clicking on it in a color palette or in a color book, or by setting it in the color picker on the left.

  2. To validate the selection and close the color chooser, click on the OK button.

The button Reset allows you to return at any time to the original color.